How to improve the stability of the CNC system of carpentry engraving machine

2016-01-18 21:26:49 Array 21 Views
It is very important for the stability of the CNC system of the carpentry engraving machine. If unstable, the system will not work because the CNC system will heat up in summer, or as the fan or hard disc is damaged, it will lead to serious damage to the enterprises and manufacturers as the companies have to stop the production for one week for exchanging or repairing the system. We combine many years of actual operation experience, and sum up the following effective measures for our users' reference:

1. Windows is not the real-time OS that is suitable for office automation, not proper for industrial real-time NC, especially when the numerical system uses software for cutting and interpolation calculation, once the operator performs acceleration and deceleration operation at the cutting inflexion, the cutting process will be immediately stopped.

2. High frequency CPU has large heat dissipating capacity, which in summer will often lead to the overheating of the system, thus the fan should be used.

3. Fan for civil use will inevitably be worn and aged under bad industrial conditions including powder and high temperature, with very limited service life. Once the fan is damaged, it will lead to the CPU and mainboard damage.

4. Hard disc for civil use is equipped with mechanical spinning media, the high speed rotation leads to heating, the vibration to hard disc damage, which is easy to catch a virus and has very high unstability.

The above are all the factors that caused the unstability of the system. Then how to overcome these difficulties, we listed the following advice:

1. Interpolation calculation of hard disc axis replaces that of the software, which makes the calculation conduct at the bottom of the computer, namely, the axis, without use of Windows system, no need of high frequency CPU.

2. DOS operation system. It uses the single task and single process DOS operation system, control the axis card of the hard disc motion to complete real-time numerical control cutting, avoid cutting interruption and system crash caused by Windows multiple tasks and processes, and uses the "one-click" numerical system automatic cutting technique to replace the manual cutting method.

3. No-fan, low-consumption and industrial CPU. Low consumption CPU without the fan can not only have low heat, but can eliminate the unstability of the fan, and effectively improve the stability of the numerical system.