How to increase the stability of woodworking engraving machine?

2016-01-21 18:35:24 Array 21 Views
The numerical control system stability of woodworking engraving machine is very important. If the control system of woodworking engraving machine is unstable, for example, because of the internal heating of numerical control system in summer, or the damage of fan or hard disk, numerical control system is unable to work, which results in that an enterprise has to stop production for a week to replace or repair the system, it is serious loss for both an enterprise and a factory. According to the practical operation experience of many years, YANGLI Woodworking Engraving Machine has summed up the following parts of effective measures for the reference of users! Unstable factors include the followings:

1.Windows system is not a real-time operation system, it is suitable for office automation, but not suitable for industrial real-time numerical control, especially when numerical control system is conducting cutting interpolation calculation with software, in case that an operator conducts acceleration/deceleration operation at cutting inflection point, it would lead to the interruption of cutting process immediately.

2.High main frequency CPU has large heat dissipation, so a fan must be used. In summer, numerical control system is easy to become overheated.

3.As civil fans operate in the hostile industrial environment of dust and high temperature, they are certainly become worn and aged, their service life is very limited. In case that a fan is damaged, CPU and main board will be damaged certainly.

4.Large hard disk for civil application has mechanical rotation medium, high-speed rotation would cause heating, vibration would cause the damage of hard disk, hard disk is easy to infect virus, so instability is very high.

Above factors are easy to cause the instability of numerical control system. How to overcome those unstable factors, Weihong would like to offer the following suggestions:

1. Hard disk shaft card interpolation calculation adopts hardware shaft clip interpolation calculation to replace software interpolation calculation, interpolation calculation processes on the bottom layer of computer – shaft card, so Windows is not used, and high main frequency CPU is not needed.

2. For DOS operation system, DOS operation system with single task list is adopted, real-time numerical control cutting is realized through hardware movement control shaft card, which avoids cutting interruption and halted system caused by Windows multi-task and multi-process, through the usage of the “one-key” automatic cutting technology of Weihong Numerical Control System, the cutting mode of manual operation is replaced.

3. Fanfree, low power consumption, and industrial grade CPU adopts low power consumption CPU without a fan, so CPU heating is low and the instability of fan is eliminated, which increase the stability of numerical control system effectively.