Stone engraving machine: The spring of stone applications

2016-01-21 21:08:10 Array 21 Views
With the technological development, stone engraver industry is facing the technical revolution, and the requirements of high efficiency, mechanism and automation promoted the development of stone engraving machines! The development of Chinese stone engravers has brought the new spring of stone applications, and the stone engravers can engrave on stones, porcelain and ceramics, which can satisfy the demands of personalized home decoration and tooling art design, additionally it can be used as the advanced engraving process equipment in decoration companies, handcraft industry, stone industry, inscription industry and porcelain companies.

There are two directions for the development of stone industry. The first is to expand the stone applications to make stone get the overall application and development in domestic building materials. So far stone is just a part of building materials, which should be combined with other building materials such as woodworking machinery for sale for wood, plastic, metal etc. in order to gradually perfect and expand its applications in the whole building field. The second is to integrate the design and art into stone industry, develop new interdisciplinary technologies, promote Chinese stone to the Asian-Pacific region, and further apply the global strategy to drive China to become the world's stone research and development collection center! A great number of stone companies only sell board materials with initial rough machining after exploitation, which fades fine stones and undoubtedly get low price. However, the current market is full of different kinds of stones that dazzle the buyers, if efforts are not made on the quality, declining tendency will absolutely drop to the companies.

The stone engraving industry seems to develop fast, and as the local featured and pillar industry, it contributes a lot in promoting the local economic development and solving the employment, however, there still are some troubles and worries in this process with the main features of: The whole development level is not high with small scale and low grade of this industry. There is a small number of scaled enterprises, while there is rather less leading companies playing an important role in this industry, instead most are family-style workshops with intensive labor and weak market competitiveness. Stone engraving companies are commonly of family-style management with low staff culture and low technical level, and there is little training chance for employees, thus the manufacturing technology is extremely behind and is largely restricted for external exchanges. Lacks of talents in this industry. Most companies are ignoring the talent cultivation, thus it leads to the great lack of talents as well as the low R&D level. The low sense of proprietary intellectual property rights. It needs improvement in stone production and management environment. On one hand, some small and medium stone companies do not have sound plans and place the products in messy; on the other hand, the dust, wasted residue, waste water and noise etc, produced from the stone production and processing caused certain pollution to the environment.

All in all, the development in stone engraving industry will undoubtedly speed up the developing modes in this industry, therefore, it is extremely urgent for stone industry in China to greatly improve the efficiency and increase the product additional value. The technology innovation, especially the integration of the interdisciplinary knowledge and technical applications will add the addtional value of these products.