Germany IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Thin Metal Sheet 6mm(YLC-007)

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Germany IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
for Thin Metal Sheet 6mm Hardware Electronics

6MM Metal Cutting!!
8 years experience !!! 20m/min High Speed!!!
Brief Introduction :
This model Metal Laser Cutting Machine is mainly used to process particularly on titanium, iron, copper, mild steel, stainless steel etc.
Applicable Materials & Industries :
Applicable Materials: Titanium, iron, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel
Applicable Industries: Advertising signs, sheet metal part, high and low voltage cabinet manufacturing, textile machinery part, kitchen ware, automobile, metal craft, spring, electronic part, eyeglasses, circuit board, hardware industries etc.

Features :
1) High speed, efficient, low-cost, operation safely and functions stable.
2) High quality cutting edges, little distortion, surface flat and clean.
3) Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting.
4) Professional software enables graphic and text to be instantly designed or processed, flexible and easy operation.
5) Laser beams can be diversified to achieve multi-spots and multi-beams processing.


Item IPG 500W Fiber Laser
Controlling System Hi800L (German)
Software FastCAM (Australia)
Format DXF, G Code
Servo Motor SANYO (Japan)
Ball Screw Rexroth
Rail Rexroth(Made in g, German, Top 5 all over the world)
Lubricant Manual
Electronics Parts SMC (Japan)
Nozzel Lasermech (America)
Auto-tracking Yes
Dust-proof Yes
Generator IPG(Germany)
Power 500W
Max. Speed 20m/min
Max. Cutting Thickness Mild Steel: 6mm Stainless Steel: 3mm

Cutting Parameters :


Types of metal

Max cutting speed (m/min)

Assistant gas

1 mm

Mild steel



2 mm


3 mm


4 mm


5 mm


6 mm


8 mm


1 mm

Stainless steel



2 mm


3 mm


1 mm

Aluminum alloy


2 mm


First, how many millimeter can it cut for Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum?

This Fiber Laser Machine equips with 500W IPG Laser Source. It cut mild steel with 6mm max, stainless steel 3mm and 2mm for aluminum.

Second, how about speed?

YAG Laser Metal Cuting Machine's costs is much lower than Fiber Laser and Large Power CO2 Laser. The speed is not the same, too. Max. Cutting Speed is 20m/min.

Third, can we use it for non-metal cutting?

Even though Fiber Laser can cut on metal with large power, it's not possible for him to cut non-metal materials.

Fourth, what about consumable parts?

There is no consumable parts for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. You only have to change associated gas like Nitrogen.

Fifth, how long is it for production?

It's different from non-metal CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine. We have to put much more attention which lasts for around 1 month.

Sixth, Do you have any service within warranty?

This Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has 1 year warranty.
And we will arrange forinstallation, training in your place.